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We are the Ultra Local Solar Company, bringing Power to the People, one solar panel at a time.


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Category: Carbon Reduction

Repairing the Planet One Item at a Time

Repairing is a simple yet effective way to help the planet. By reducing waste, and saving money, repairing old items benefits for you and the environment.

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Impact of Congestion Charges on Environment

Explore the environmental impact of congestion charges in Cambridge and Gothenburg, comparing experiences and weighing potential drawbacks against the benefit.

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Climate Change: Who Will Foot the Bill

Climate change is a global crisis that requires response. Will wealthy nations pay for the costs of it, or will poorer nations be left to bear the burden?

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Tropical deforestation: carbon offset falls short

Tropical deforestation is fast outstripping regrowth, leading to increased carbon emissions. Forest regrowth is falling short in combating climate change.

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CO2 Emissions: Why Tracking Matters

Learn why tracking CO2 emissions is crucial in the fight against climate change. Explore how GHGSat’s technology works and its potential for the future.

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Nuclear Power: Is it Green and Safe?

The UK government recently announced support for nuclear power. But is nuclear energy really green and safe? Read on to find out more.

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Climate Change: Human is Causing a Mass Extinction

Is human-caused climate change driving a mass extinction event? Learn about the impact of climate change on biodiversity and the planet.

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Winter Sports: Nailing the Lid on Its Own Coffin with High Carbon Emissions

Learn about the impact of winter sports on the environment and how to mitigate their effects. Find out how high carbon emissions from winter sports activities.

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Protecting Glaciers with Solar Panels

Learn how global warming is affecting glaciers and how you can make a difference by switching to solar panels to reduce your carbon footprint.

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How Climate Change Affect Reptile’s Gender

Climate change is causing a shift in the sex ratio of reptile populations. Warming temperatures are affecting reptile species and what this means.

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