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Category: Home and Garden


How Climate Change is Affecting Our Spice Rack

Climate change is causing a chilies shortage. Learn the impact of climate change on the chilies market, and what the future holds.

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Moss peat garden

Banning Gardener’s Peat for the Environment

Gardener’s peat is not as eco-friendly as once thought. Peat extraction contributes to climate change and destroys natural habitats.

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Reduce Emissions by Insulating Your Home

Learn how insulating your home can help reduce emissions and decrease your carbon footprint. Discover the different types of insulation available.

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Solar systems

Understanding the Difference Between Grid-Tied and Off-Grid Solar Systems

Learn the difference between grid-tied and off-grid solar systems and determine which one is best for you. Reduce your energy costswith solar power.

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Solar Panel System

Choosing the Right Solar Panel System

Want to go solar but not sure where to start? Learn how to choose the right solar panel system for your home or business by considering financing options.

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Savings frog

Calculating Your Solar Savings: How to Determine Your Potential Energy Savings with Solar Panels

Learn how to calculate your potential solar energy savings with solar panels by understanding your energy usage, evaluating your solar panel system.

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The sun shining

A Brighter Tomorrow: How Solar Lights are Leading the Way

Discover the solar lights advantages, including cost-effectiveness, environmental, versatility, and safety. Join the movement towards a brighter tomorrow.

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Solar gardening

Advantages of Installing Solar Panels in Your Garden

Discover the top advantages of using solar panels in your garden, including saving money, reducing your carbon footprint. Create a sustainable and eco-friendly garden today.

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Ozone layer

The Impact Of Going Vegan: How It Affects Ozone Layer Recovery

According to UNEP, the ozone layer will finish healing in the 2060s. This is great but it’s important that we keep a green mindset henceforth. Like going vegan!

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