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We are the Ultra Local Solar Company, bringing Power to the People, one solar panel at a time.


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Category: Renewable Energy

The Urgency of a Peace Pact with Nature

Learn why we urgently need to start a peace pact with nature. Discover the consequences of our actions and how we can promote sustainable practices.

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Celebrities Leading Environmental Advocacies

Celebrities are taking the lead in the fight against climate change. Learn how they are supporting the green movement and advocating for environmental causes.

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Surprising Solution to Climate Change Induced Hay Fever

Solar panels are a surprising solution to climate change induced hay fever. Learn how they can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve respiratory health.

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How Flood Waters From Mines Can Reduce Emissions

Discover how flood waters from disused mines can be a surprising solution for reducing carbon emissions in energy production. Learn about mine waters.

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The Use Of Solar Power In Agriculture In the UK 

Solar power in agriculture in the UK can help farmers reduce their energy costs and carbon emissions. Solar power in agriculture offers numerous benefits.

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Battery man

The Benefits of Energy Storage for a More Sustainable Power Grid

Discover the advantages of energy storage technologies for a more sustainable power grid. Learn how energy storage can help to improve grid stability.

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Lithium battery

How solar batteries Are Making Renewable Energy More Reliable

Solar batteries make renewable energy more reliable.Solar batteries store the excess energy generated in a chemical form.

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Solar cells

Rise of Solar Power: How Non-Renewable Energy Is Being Replaced

Due to climate change and the energy crisis, it is becoming more important that we switch away from non renewable energy. Learn how solar power fits in.

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Oil platform

How The Oil Industry Can Help Lead The Transition To A Greener Environment

The oil industry is often viewed as the villain in the fight against climate change. But the world still needs oil – so what can the sector do to help turn the tide?

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A burning forest

Can We Put An End To Global Warming By Shutting Down Fossil Fuel Worldwide?

Can we put a stop to global warming? What are the potential side effects of cutting ourselves off from fossil fuels? Find out in this blog post.

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