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Chapels & Cathedrals Embrace Solar Energy in the UK

As the world continues to shift towards sustainable energy solutions, religious institutions in the UK are also joining the cause. Chapels and cathedrals are embracing solar energy in the UK, providing a clean and sustainable source of energy. This blog post discusses how chapels and cathedrals are adopting solar energy and the benefits of using solar panels in these historical buildings.

The Benefits of Solar Panels in Chapels and Cathedrals

Solar panels provide many benefits for chapels and cathedrals in the UK. Firstly, solar panels provide a sustainable and clean source of energy, reducing the carbon footprint of these historical buildings. In addition, solar panels can help these institutions save money on their energy bills, which can be redirected toward other important aspects of the building’s upkeep.

Solar panels can also enhance the aesthetic appeal of chapels and cathedrals. Many solar panels are designed to blend in with the architecture of the building, maintaining the beauty and historical significance of these institutions. Solar panels can also be installed in a way that preserves the integrity of the building’s structure.

Gloucester cathedral
Gloucester Cathedral is oldest building in the world of its type to install solar panels

Case Studies of Chapels and Cathedrals Going Solar in the UK

Many chapels and cathedrals in the UK have already adopted solar energy solutions. Here are some examples:

  • Gloucester Cathedral

Gloucester Cathedral, which dates back to the 11th century, has installed solar panels on its roof. The solar panels provide clean energy to the cathedral and save the institution thousands of pounds on its energy bills each year.

  • Norwich Cathedral

Norwich Cathedral has also embraced solar energy, installing over 900 solar panels on its roof. The solar panels generate enough energy to power the equivalent of 120 homes and help the cathedral save over £10,000 each year on its energy bills.

Norwich Cathedral
Norwich Cathedral
  • Bristol Cathedral

Bristol Cathedral has taken a unique approach to solar energy, installing solar panels on a newly built extension of the building. The solar panels provide clean energy to the cathedral’s underfloor heating system and help the institution reduce its carbon footprint.

Bristol Cathedral

The Future of Solar Energy in Chapels and Cathedrals in the UK

The future of solar energy in chapels and cathedrals in the UK looks bright. As more religious institutions recognize the benefits of solar energy, the adoption of solar panels in these buildings is likely to increase. In addition, advancements in solar panel technology will make solar energy even more accessible and affordable for these institutions.


Chapels and cathedrals in the UK are taking steps towards a sustainable future by embracing solar energy solutions. Solar panels provide many benefits for these institutions, including a clean and sustainable source of energy, cost savings, and enhanced aesthetic appeal. As more religious institutions adopt solar energy, the future of solar energy in these historical buildings looks promising.

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