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We are the Ultra Local Solar Company, bringing Power to the People, one solar panel at a time.


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Archives: Knowledge Base

What happens during a power failure?

What happens to a grid-tied solar system during a power failure? This article will explore this topic and provide the answers you need.

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What is ULSOCO Plug In Solar?

You may have come across the term “plug in solar.” But what exactly is plug in solar, and how does it work?

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What payment methods do you accept?

We accept the following payment methods, based off country or region. UK Credit Card Debit Card Klarna Europe Credit Card Debit Card Canada and North America Credit Card Debit Card

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What is the ULSOCO Warranty Period?

Learn about the ULSOCO warranty periods for Enphase Microinverters and LONGI solar panels. Protect your investment by understanding your system warranty.

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Do I need to clean my ULSOCO solar panels?

Generally, no.  The rain is sufficient to clean your solar panels.   If you live in an area that is especially dusty or you have a lot of bird droppings on your panel you can simply Isolate your system using the Shut Down…

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Do I need planning permission in the UK?

Do I need planning permission in the UK is a question we are asked a lot. You might be wondering whether or not you need planning permission

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Can I use ULSOCO Solar on a Three Phase power?

Learn about ULSOCO Solar and how the Enphase Microinverters work with Three Phase Power supplies in conjunction with the ULSOCO communications unit.

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Can I get the Solar Export Guarantee / Feed In Tariff etc?

Even though we follow the processes and principles of MCS, because this is a Self-Install system, you will not be eligible for the SEG (formally FIT).  Please remember this system is designed to cover your own basic usage and NOT to…

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Where should I locate my ULSOCO solar panel?

So you’re just about ready to buy your ULSOCO Solar system and thinking about where should you locate your ULSOCO solar panel in the garden.

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How do I install the solar panels on the roof?

You don’t!  This is a ground mounted system so you do not need any roofing contractors or specialist.  Simply place in your garden in the agreed location.  Plug it in and you are then part of the Micro Generation community.

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