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What happens during a power failure?

As more people become aware of the environmental impact of traditional energy sources, solar panels are becoming increasingly popular. A grid-tied solar system is an excellent option for homeowners who want to use clean energy and reduce their carbon footprint. However, one question often arises: What happens to a grid-tied solar system during a power failure? This article will explore this topic and provide the answers you need. What happens during a power failure falls in line with G98 regulations.

Power Failures mean your solar system will not operate for safety reasons

What is a Grid-Tied Solar System?

Before we dive into what happens to a grid-tied solar system during a power failure, let’s first understand what a grid-tied solar system is. 

A grid-tied solar system works seamlessly with the power grid during regular operation. Solar panels produce energy, and the home uses that energy. If the house needs more energy than the solar panels are creating, the additional power comes from the power grid. Conversely, suppose the solar panels produce more energy than the home needs; the excess energy goes to the power grid.

What Happens to a Grid-Tied Solar System During a Power Failure?

During a power failure, a grid-tied solar system will not work. The system is designed to shut down automatically when it detects a power outage. This safety feature is designed to protect workers working on the power grid during an outage. 

Suppose a solar panel is still producing power and sending it back to the power grid. In that case, it can create a dangerous situation for workers.

When a power outage occurs, the grid-tied solar system will shut down automatically and rapidly, and the homeowner will not be able to use the energy produced by the solar panels. This means the home will not have power, just like any other home on the grid. 


In conclusion, a grid-tied solar system will not work during a power failure. This is because the system is designed to safely shut down automatically when it detects a power outage to protect workers who may be working on the power grid.

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