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Why is delivery so expensive?

Shipping and delivery costs have increased over the past few years. So you may wonder why these costs are so high and are growing. In this article, we’ll explore the reasons behind high shipping and delivery costs and what you can do to save money. We only use delivery partners who can show they have and follow a sustainability program, such as DPD, so there are some very slight increases due to this also.  Finally, the hardware is fairly heavy and large (about 1 meter long and 25Kg). Delivery prices are shown in the shop after you add your goods to the basket and just before checkout.

Here are a few reasons why delivery is so expensive

a man and a woman working for a delivery company
  1. Increased Demand for Shipping Services
    • One of the main reasons for high shipping costs is the increased demand for shipping services. With more and more people shopping online, shipping companies have to handle a larger volume of packages than ever before. This demand can put a strain on their resources, which can increase the cost of shipping.
  2. Fuel Costs
    • Fuel costs are a significant factor in determining shipping and delivery costs. Shipping companies must pay for fuel to power their vehicles, planes, and ships. So when fuel prices increase, shipping and delivery companies must pass on those costs to their customers.
  3. Labour Costs
    • Shipping and delivery companies must also pay their employees, including drivers, pilots, and warehouse workers. These labour costs can be high, especially if the company offers competitive wages and benefits to attract and retain top talent.
  4. Transportation Costs
    • Transportation costs also play a role in determining shipping and delivery costs. Shipping companies must pay for the maintenance and upkeep of their vehicles, planes, and ships. They must also pay for transportation infrastructure, such as roads and bridges.
  5. Distance
    • The distance a package travels can also affect its shipping cost. For example, packages travelling a long distance or crossing international borders may require more resources and take longer to deliver. This increased demand for the shipping company’s resources can result in higher shipping costs.
  6. Packaging and Handling
    • The packaging and handling of a package can also affect its shipping cost. For example, fragile or oversized packages may require extra care and resources to transport, which can increase the cost of shipping. Additionally, some companies may charge additional fees for specialized packaging or handling requests.
  7. Expedited Shipping
    • Expedited shipping is another factor that can increase shipping costs. Customers may opt for expedited shipping when they need a package delivered quickly. However, this service often comes with a premium price tag to cover the additional resources required to transport the item as quickly as possible.


In conclusion, shipping and delivery costs are high due to various factors, including increased demand, fuel costs, labour costs, transportation costs, distance, packaging and handling, and expedited shipping. However, there are ways to save money on shipping costs, such as comparing rates, flat-rate shipping, and consolidating.

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