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a solar powered boat in La Rochelle, France.

Versatility of Solar Panels: From Prosthetics to River Buses

Solar panels have been around for a long time, and they are well-known for their use in generating electricity from the sun. However, the versatility of solar panels goes beyond that. With the advancement of technology, solar panels are being used in many innovative ways. In this blog post, we will explore the various applications of solar panels, from skin prosthetic solar panels to river buses.

Solar Panels in Skin Prosthetics

The use of solar panels in skin prosthetics is a new and exciting development. These panels are lightweight and flexible, making them ideal for use in prosthetics. They are also efficient in converting sunlight into electricity, which can power sensors and other electronic components in the prosthetic.

Solar Panels in Agriculture

Solar powered irrigation system in Bihar, India. Photo credit: Ayush Manik - Flickr

Solar powered irrigation system in Bihar, India. Photo credit: Ayush Manik

In recent years, solar panels have been increasingly used in agriculture. Farmers are using solar panels to power irrigation systems and other farm equipment. They are also using solar panels to power electric fences, which can protect their crops and livestock from predators.

Solar Panels in Transportation

Solar panels are being used to power various modes of transportation, such as cars, buses, and trains. In addition to reducing carbon emissions, solar-powered vehicles are cost-effective and require minimal maintenance. Solar-powered river buses are also being developed, which will provide an environmentally friendly mode of transportation in cities that have waterways.

Solar Panels in Space

Solar panels have been used in space for many years to power satellites and other spacecraft. The efficiency of solar panels has made them an ideal power source for space missions. In addition, the use of solar panels in space has reduced the need for heavy batteries, which can be expensive to launch into space.

Starlink, a space based internet broadband service, uses solar panels to power its satellites (Starlink not pictured).

Solar Panels in Art

Solar panels are being used by artists to create innovative installations. These installations not only showcase the beauty of solar panels but also raise awareness about the importance of renewable energy. One such installation is the Solar Tree, which is a public sculpture that features solar panels in the shape of leaves.

Gardens by the bay singapore - solar panels

Gardens by the Bay solar tree collection in Singapore

Solar Panels in Disaster Relief

In areas affected by natural disasters, access to electricity can be limited or nonexistent. Solar panels are being used in disaster relief efforts to provide power to affected areas. They are also being used to power medical equipment, communication devices, and other essential equipment.


Solar panels are a versatile and innovative technology that is being used in various applications. From skin prosthetic solar panels to river buses, the possibilities are endless. As technology continues to advance, we can expect to see even more innovative uses of solar panels in the future.

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